WATH Hub training process has five phases; Problem Framing, Ideation, prototyping, texting and implementation. The goal is to help the entrepreneur advance the ideas and solutions either as starter, replicator or catalyzer. Below are the phases;

  • Problem Framing– The entrepreneur develops a well-defined problem statement based on user/customer wants and actionable insights
  • Ideation and idea selection– The entrepreneur comes up with multitude of ideas that address the problem framing. Down select ideas and chooses one to focus on
  • Prototyping and Sketching- The entrepreneur creates a tangible of the idea, so that potential user/customer can experience the proposed solution
  • Testing and refining-The entrepreneur will get the user/customer feedback on the prototype. Make changes to the solution. Evaluate if there is the need to go back to an earlier phase
  • Implementing- The entrepreneur then produces, disseminate, distribute, sell, or market the solution to actual users and customers