Training on Product / Services Sales

We provide training on how start-ups and MSMEs can develop and sell their product in the market

Coaching on Business & Product development

We provide training and coaching support for start-ups and MSMEs in their business and product development stage.

Provide Market Access Support

We provide training on market segments and assist our start-ups and MSMEs to have access to market opportunities in the region and beyond

Identify, Train & Incubate

To identify, train, incubate and provide funding opportunities for women and young entrepreneurs in the Ashanti Region and beyond.

Build and Nurture Women

To build and nurture women entrepreneurs especially those into Arts, Tourism and Hospitality become successful in their ventures al local and international level

Inspire Women

To inspire women to venture into Arts, Tourism and Hospitality.

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Women in Arts, Tourism and Hospitality (WATH) Hub

Women in Arts, Tourism and Hospitality (WATH) Hub is a women focused incubation and innovation space based in Ejisu and Kumasi in the Ashanti Region. We provide entrepreneurship training programs to women who have interest in Arts, Tourism and Hospitality.

We mentor, train, incubate, network, provide co-working space and solicit for funding opportunities for women (start – ups and entrepreneurs) in Arts, Tourism and Hospitality ecosystem. WATH Hub was established in 2019 but incorporated in 2020 by the Registrar General’s Department (RGD, Ghana).


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Our Programs

Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation Challenge Program

We organize Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation Challenge for women in Ghana and coordinate funding support for them

WATH Business Start-up and Incubation Support

We provide training and support services in areas not limited to Business Plan and Proposal writing. We also provide incubation to women and ambitious young people who seek to start and grow their own businesses in the WATH ecosystem.

WATH Entrepreneurs in Tech Community

WATH Entrepreneurs in Tech helps women to learn more of digital technology and innovations, website and App development, graphic designs etc.

Women in Arts, Tourism and Hospitality Community

We have created a community of women in Arts, Tourism Hospitality which provides opportunity for networking and peer-learning

Women in Arts, Tourism and Hospitality (WATH) Summit

WATH Summit is an annual gathering where all women entrepreneurs in Arts, Tourism and Hospitality and other stakeholders meet, interact, and learn from each other as well advocate for creation of enabling environment for the sector.

Our Program Scope and Methodology

The entrepreneur develops a well-defined problem statement based on user/customer wants and actionable insights

The entrepreneur comes up with multitude of ideas that address the problem framing. Down select ideas and chooses one to focus on

The entrepreneur creates a tangible of the idea, so that potential user/customer can experience the proposed solution

The entrepreneur will get the user/customer feedback on the prototype. Make changes to the solution. Evaluate if there is the need to go back to an earlier phase

The entrepreneur then produces, disseminate, distribute, sell, or market the solution to actual users and customers